Sunday, June 3, 2012

Level up your automatic test suit

Having an automatic test suit has been mainstream for quite some time by know -- we know why and why we should do it. I personally had the luck of doing it at every workplace I ever been at. But I avent been fortunate to discover the correct way of runnin them until just a few days ago.

The command watch is a standard Linux command that repeatingly executes a command and prints the result in full screen in the terminal. I've used this lately to avoid "edit, alt-tab, up-arrow, enter, alt-tab, edit" cycles when devloping a python application, that is, to avoid having to switch to the consol I'm using to test the code and run run it.

It sounds like a small thing, but I recomend you try it. It suprisingly useful to see the result of the current code automatically when I save it.

 This is similar to Mim,  the build system I created some time ago. Mim could actually be extended such that it could run a script everytime the contents of a set of files (e.g., the depdendencies) changed. But since Mim isn't installed on every Linux machine, but watch is, watch has to do. :)

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