Monday, March 15, 2010

Commodore 64 Live!

Do you remember those old arcade machines where, when no one played them, the "computer" would play the games? Kind of like a demonstration of the game instead showing some fancy graphics. I came across the ├╝bergeeky page C64 Longplays a few days ago and I feel that I must do my small part to spread the word through the world.

It's basic like those computer-played arcade machines, with the difference that it's actually someone who plays through the entire game. Didn't you solve the third level of Boulder Dash or did you think no one ever cared to finish Ghostbusters? Everything is on C64 Longplays for you to watch.

I personally liked the video of Yie Ar Kung Fu... some fights was really close... the energy bar was down to the last pixel!

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