Friday, March 20, 2009

It's 2009 and you can't read a forwarded mail

The other day, a college sent me a mail that I simply forwarded from Outlook to my Gmail. Today, when I finally had time to read it I opened it in Gmail. What do you think the mail contains? Nothing, except an attached file called smime.p7m. This file contains the encrypted mail, apparently, so I can't read it.

Oh, please! Come on! Why is a simple thing like this so hard?! Really... seriously, I'm failing to forwardning an e-mail...? Are we really making progress?

Yeah, I know that I should have forwarded it without encryption. But why is this something I need to know about? The mail client should tell me that the receiver won't be able to read the mail... It's freaking 2009! Not 1979!

Who knows... in 3009, perhaps we humans have evolved enough to have figured out and understand this whole send plain stupid text to another person-thingie. It's apparently too advanced to grasp for the current generation of humans.

(I have high hopes for the next-gen humans, though... No, really. I do!)

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