Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Programatically Speaking

This is not the first submission I make to Programatically Speaking; neither is it the first blog about programming and programming languages I have started...  well, kind of anyway.

I think the first thing I ever wrote that can be considered programming was back in 1989 when me and my two older brothers bought a Commodore 64. The Commodore, its Datassette, and I was on the floor of our living room and I typed some strange words I had found in the User's Manual into the computer. When I was done I typed RUN and hit RETURN.

On to the blue screen came I'VE GOT THE NUMBER. WHAT'S YOUR GUESS?. I joyfully played this number-guessing-game until I got bored, which probably took about ten mintes or so. Then I started fiddling with the program instructions, which most of the time resulted in the typical ?SYNTAX ERROR IN 50 error message.

Now, about 20 years later, I and available programming languages, have evolved and improved considerably (i.e., using agile test-first methodologies, I now develop object-oriented multi-platform number-guessing-games :))

During these years I have learn how not to develop software, and I still learn how not to develop. Luckily, I've also picked up some neat ways for how to develop software. To bad I pick up these good things after I have learn how not to do things (or is learning how not do things actually a good thing?).

By the way, to be completely honest this is actually the first thing I submit to PS (which, as it turns out, is actually the first blog about programming I have started). I hope I learn to write good post about programming a bit faster than I learn how to develop, otherwise this blog will contain numerous misstakes for the next 20 years -- and, of course, many many years after that as well.


Stephan said...

LOAD "$",8,1



Togge said...

After so many hours in front of that computer, I think that line is hard-wired in my brain. :)

Stephan said...

And mine :-)